New Year, New Changes

Everybody like’s to make changes at the start of a New Year and create resolutions and feel inspired. This year I took a big step as well, I finally quit my job. As of Thanksgiving I’m officially a full time professional photographer.

It felt like a huge load was off of my plate and I hustled my butt off through December trying to catch up and prepare for the start of the new year. Finally I decided to sit back, rest, and enjoy the beauty that surrounded me and it gave me a new perspective. Or, more accurately, it reminded me of something Sam and I had done a number of years ago instead of creating a New Year’s Resolution we’d fall off of within the first 3 weeks. Instead, we decided to choose a word that we could think about and apply to our lives for the new year.

I thought of words like “hustle”, “focus”, “create”, and plenty more work or photography related words, but all that was going to do was make sure I was always working all the time. That wasn’t the point of quitting my job. I quit so that I could have more work-life balance and I needed something that would remind me to focus on both. So, I’m defining 2018 with one word: Inspired. I want to be inspired by my family, my job, my hobby, my workouts, and by the places I visit and the people I see. I want to find the joy in 2018 that I struggled to see in 2017 because all I ever saw was a to-do list.

So, it’s the new year, I’ve got a new perspective, and I can’t wait to be inspired by the world around me, the people in it, and to help inspire others as well. So, be on the lookout for tons of awesome new content coming in 2018 on the blog, YouTube, Instagram, and via the Newsletter you can sign up for above. Join me in 2018 and be Inspired!

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