Inside RV Magazine | Volume 1

At the beginning of the year I set out to create a magazine for photographers that was different than the typical, watered-down publication we see in the industry. I wanted to dive into actual intermediate and advanced topics that are useful for photographers and covered a wide range of topics from business and marketing to lighting and retouching. No sponsors, no advertisements, no shameless plus, just content that I wanted to put out there and go more in depth than I had previously on the blog or in behind the scenes videos.

That idea and concept was stirred by a deep-seeded desire to teach more, and I was able to put some time aside and publish an e-magazine in March that was distributed to individuals who had signed up for our newsletter and updates. The feedback I got was awesome and I’m so appreciative for all of the support over the past few months.

After a lot of urging from individuals, I decided I wanted to share the magazine with more than just the folks who had signed up, so here is the first edition of Inside RV released for the masses!

My goal is to put out 2-3 editions per year and I would love to hear your ideas and requests on topics I should cover. I’m still going to continue to send out the magazine to people who are signed up for the newsletter, so be sure to get on the list to be the first to know about the next Inside RV edition as well as information on our upcoming workshops and Behind The Scenes content! We’re growing it like crazy right now, and some of it will ONLY be available to our subscribers.

So, enjoy the magazine, feel free to download a copy to view later, and be sure to Subscribe!

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