Welcome to the World | Cullen Thomas Ruddock!


Here’s the little man in Grandma’s arms after we got home. He’s not much of a sleeper 😉

I know I’ve been a little more absent the past 7 days on social media, but I’ve had a very good reason. Last Wednesday we welcomed the arrival of our first son into the world, Cullen Thomas Ruddock. We are so thrilled and both he and mom are doing great. We can’t wait to watch him grow up and share our new adventures as we walk down the path of parenthood together. We know it’s going to be an awesome ride and there’s a pretty decent chance the kid will be well documented as we walk it as a family.

So, please help me welcome the newest member of the Ruddock Visuals family, Mr. Cullen Thomas. A.K.A my little #BundleOfBadass 🙂
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