Some Fun in Snowbird

SBU_022316-81 Doing a little more catching up with a timely #FlashbackFriday blog post today about my trip to Snowbird, Utah earlier this year with a few close friends. I couldn’t pass up the chance to take my camera with me, but the trip was definitely spent more “getting away” than anything else. Sometimes you just have to drop everything and recharge your batteries, and – for me – there is no better place to do that then in the mountains riding some powder. SBU_022316-95-1 SBU_022316-105 We had been planning the trip for a while and it also timed perfectly with when we were going to start telling close friends and family we were pregnant, so the entire trip was a little bit of a celebration and I was still tasked with getting a few shots for our announcement cards. Yes, my unborn son already owns his own snowboard. Jealous? Like any good parent, it was the first thing I bought him haha… I digress… SBU_022316-120 SBU_022316-125SBU_022316-103
SBU_022316-133 SBU_022316-137 SBU_022316-160 The first two days on the mountain were extremely warm, but the 3rd day we were there we woke up to snow and it just never stopped coming down. We had about 12 inches of fresh pow-pow on the ground to play with on our last day in the mountains and nothing but bluebird skies staring us in the face. It was that epic day that you dream about and I finally decided to strap my camera bag on my back and take it with us while we rode in the morning and decided to make a lunchtime climb up about 600 vertical feet to an untouched bowl for the day. The views were awesome and just spending time making the hike with the two guys that I grew up with was time that I will definitely cherish for years to come. Next year might be a little different with the little man in tow, but I still have the dream to finally make the photo trip I’ve been wanting to shoot winter sports and all this trip did was continue to stoke that fire. SBU_022316-165 SBU_022316-209-1
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