Rock Climbing at Reimers Ranch

IMG_1099 Always looking for new things to try and explore, about a year ago Sam and I started rock climbing at a local gym to get a workout in and try something different. Needless to say, we fell in love with it and started immediately planning ways to get out and shoot some of our friends (who are much better than the two of us I might add!) climbing on some real rock. We finally got out opportunity to do so this winter at Reimers Ranch just outside of Austin, TX. RCRR_012316-21RCRR_012316-18
RCRR_012316-33 RCRR_012316-42RCRR_012316-40
RCRR_012316-55 RCRR_012316-79
RCRR_012316-223 Being our first time out, we mostly sat back and watched to try and get an idea of how we wanted to try and shoot it on other outings. We did, however, bring along the cameras and snap a few shots of them climbing and just having a blast hanging out together and being in the outdoors. It really was a beautiful place and we enjoyed the entire day. Even our dog, Sarge, came along with us for the trip. Sam and I both got on the wall a few times and did a couple of different routes and I have to admit that it is completely different the gym climbing and I can’t wait to get out and do it again! RCRR_012316-97RCRR_012316-118
RCRR_012316-133 RCRR_012316-179RCRR_012316-239
RCRR_012316-229 RCRR_012316-405 RCRR_012316-332RCRR_012316-362
RCRR_012316-381 RCRR_012316-334 RCRR_012316-210 RCRR_012316-420 Another huge thank you to these guys for letting us tag along and have some fun on this trip! Want to see more? A few of these awesome climbers are currently climbing their way across the US and we’re having a blast following them on Instagram and living vicariously through them. Check out Ben, Tyler, and Eric‘s trip on their Instagram account.
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