Austin Fitness Shoot

AFP_082315-402 Life can sure get your sidetracked! I planned on sharing these images of these two wonderful and amazing women a few months ago and, unfortunately, have been so busy I forgot to publish the blog. So, without further ado… Facebook and a wonderful, persistent, incessant wife can be a great combination. That paired with a great group of friends can actually come together to create an awesome photoshoot. But I’m getting ahead of myself… AFP_082315-10 AFP_082315-172 So as I posted a little while ago, I had been trying to get back together with my buddy Ace to do a shoot in Austin for almost 6 months before we were able to pull it together. Since we were heading over to Austin, the fitness capital of the South, to begin with, we figured we should take advantage of the wonderful setting and shoot some fitness as well. On a spur of the moment/last ditch effort, Sam put a quick note up on Facebook and we had an awesome response from our friends. They set us up with Hailey and Chasity and we couldn’t have found better models if we had casted it for a month! A huge shout out to these two wonderful ladies and the awesome effort they put in to make this shoot possible. These two and a little bit of gas money the day before ended up yielding and awesome shoot and a new desire to go back and take photos in Austin again! AFP_082315-608AFP_082315-91
AFP_082315-137 After endless scouting the day before (literally… we drove around in the car for 4.5 hours!), we finally found not only a great place for our portrait shoot but an awesome backdrop for some running and early morning fitness with these two ladies. I really wanted to change it up from what we have in The Woodlands (endless pine trees and underbrush…) so we shot with the city in the background and Ladybird Lake all around us. Hitting it at the crack of dawn, we got some great portraits, some warm up shots, and some awesome shots of these two ladies running. AFP_082315-524 Seriously, we have shot with professionals and professional runners and these two were still able to sync their strides and hit the mark with such and effortless ease that it made my job simple to just set up the lighting and click the shutter. We loved it and I sincerely hope to get to work with these two again! AFP_082315-271AFP_082315-467
The idea for the shoot was quite simple, we wanted to get some portraits, really shot the Austin lifestyle, and get some cool running shots in the process. I also wanted to venture away from my more lit photos and go for a style that looked slightly more natural and warm. The light from the gorgeous Austin sunrise lend itself perfectly for this feeling and I loved the images we were able to capture!
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