Commissioned | 3T Cycling

3t-cycling-blog-2 I recently posted about some of the work we did while we were in Kona for the Ironman World Championships. One of the companies we had the pleasure of working with was the ever-esteemed 3T Cycling brand. Touted as one of the fastest and widely-used bars and wheel companies, 3T is an amazing brand and we could not have been more excited and proud to work with them in Kona. 3t-cycling-blog-1

Our assignment was to work with some of the professional 3T athletes – including 2nd place finisher Luke McKenzie, 4th place finisher James Cunnama, Jodie Swallow, Caroline Steffen, Mary Beth Ellis, and others – to capture them during race day and create a series of interview clips just asking them to speak briefly about themselves, the 3T products they use, and their thoughts on the performance and the 3T brand. Catching the athletes between workouts and other commitments was definitely the most challenging part, but it was completely worth the hustle and its such an awesome feeling to see your work displayed and tied to such a great brand. Not only that, but getting to meet athletes that I have personally looked up to as a triathlete myself is entirely too surreal for me comprehend (even a few months later!).

So, check out the videos up on the 3T Cycling Website and YouTube Channel and let us know what you think. Their Mercurio wheels are absolutely awesome and I can personally attest to how well these wheels handle and move between you and road.

We can’t wait to continue to work with the awesome brands, athletes, and heroes that make up this intense and gratifying sport!

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