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IBB_2013-50 I recently purchased this book after learning that I would be photographing the Ironman World Championship in Kona this Fall. True, I’ve done plenty of triathlete portraits over the last year or so and I compete as well so I have an idea of what shots look good. But, you can never learn more, see a different perspective you may never have thought of, and just continue to learn and be inspired by the works of others. That’s why I’ve decided to give me review and offer up Michael Rauschendorfer’s Tri for this week’s edition of Inspiration. IBB_2013-37 Michael has been shooting triathlon for years now and has photographed some of the biggest icons in the sport including Chrissie Wellington, Chris “Macca” McCormack, and Craig “Crowie” Alexander. His eye for the shot is compelling and his ability to capture and tell the story of the events as they unfold is nothing short of marvelous. IBB_2013-42 While the book itself isn’t the most well constructed I’ve ever put my hands on, the content is definitely worth checking out. It is a great resource for any photographer wanting to learn more about shooting triathletes by seeing examples of others’ works, or any triathlete who is looking for a great coffee table book about their sport. I highly recommend this book and hope that is brings y’all as much inspiration as it has brought me over the past few weeks. IBB_2013-54 For more info on my upcoming trip to Kona, make sure you Subscribe to the Newsletter below to get information and follow me on Facebook and Twitter for updates on my work and travels!
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