Ruddock Visuals Portfolio

RVP_102813-6 Recently, we’ve been talking about our trip to the Ironman World Championships (more on that later this week!) working as media photographers and doing some commercial work for a few different brands. In respect of this, we’ve been working very hard over the past 6 months to create a portfolio to take with us to Kona and present to future clients. As photographers, this is our resource, reference, and possibly 2nd greatest tool for getting new work, and we wanted to make sure we did it right. RVP_102813-19 RVP_102813-13 RVP_102813-17 Creating a portfolio is much more than just slapping together a handful of photos and printing them at your local Walgreens, it takes time, thought, effort, calculation, and constant consideration. We spent hours trying to figure out which pictures gave us the greatest amount of consistency, flow, and range; and how to put those photos into an order that told a cohesive story. What you see is the result and after figuring it out on small cut sheets, we created our new portfolio in an old style… and in a few unique ways. RVP_102813-10 RVP_102813-22 For the main portfolio book, we used an 11×14, screwpost portfolio book and printed the images at home on a Canon Pixma Pro 9000 Mark II on Ilford Galerie Premium paper. The 270mil weight paper gave enough body without being card stock, and the paper finish allows it to be handled without giving up the color tones of using a full matte finish. I couldn’t be happier with the results, and while the printer took some color tweaking to get it dialed in, being able to print the photos myself and have total control is something I love to have. Great results from a lot of time spent in the print room, but I still wanted to take it a step further to help differentiate myself in front of the countless potential customers in Kona… RVP_102813-21 So, I created a virtual portfolio of work and a link that only potential customers could access on Ruddock Visuals. Shown on the back of a special business card created on the new Luxe Business Cards from Moo, the link is a simple way to give them access to something that others don’t know about. And, if I felt even more like a customer was interested, I had give-outs of smaller versions of my port printed at an extremely high quality by Asukabooks in a 8×5.5 size and easy for any customer to take away on the fly. This diversity is something I have learned can be a great asset in sales and since we’re trying to get our work out there to as many people as possible in as easy a way as possible, these three portfolio presentations have helped me prepare for growing the business in the next year.

Just remember to always keep changing, create a portfolio with a specific flow and style, make sure you have other eyes on it, and try to make something that will standout in a sea of portfolios and try to have as many ways of catching an eye as you possibly can.

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