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One of the things I have tried to stress on the blog so far has been the importance of continually viewing other artists work and furthering your own education and development. One of my favorite photographers – Chase Jarvis – and a few others teamed up a while ago to provide photographers and all different kinds of creatives with an invaluable resource – creativeLIVE. creative-live-blog-1 creativeLIVE is a resource full of different information and, while it may have started out a little slowly, they seem to have great content flowing on multiple channels almost 24/7. Here’s the best part – if you watch it live, it’s absolutely FREE! You really can’t beat a deal like that and you can’t afford to not follow and visit this site if you want to keep up with the current trends and techniques. Some of the greatest working artists currently in the business are features on the site, and if you’re not fortunate enough to catch them live, you always have the ability to purchase the class for your viewing anytime. I personally own quite a few classes that I wanted for referencing again and again, and here are a few of my favorites I would suggest buying and watching: 1. The Photo Week Package creative-live-blog-2 Recently, creativeLIVE had a week of nothing but photography on multiple channels all day long. This collection of amazing content is called Photo Week and it is such an amazing assortment of minds and teachers that you can’t afford to not own it no matter what your photographic passion may be! You can buy the entire collection or just pick and choose which videos best suit what you’re wanting to learn. 2. Beauty and Fashion Photography with Matthew Jordan Smith creative-live-blog-3 MJS is an amazing glamour and fashion photographer and his insights and teaching abilities are showcased in this class in an amazing and eye-opening way. 3. Commercial Portraiture with Joey L. creative-live-blog-4 I’ve voiced my opinions enough on this talented artist so I’m not even going to go into it. Just buy, watch, and learn. 4. Still and Motion: Storytelling on Location creative-live-blog-5 This is an awesome class put together by Corey Rich. It details what it is probably going to take to be able to make it in commercial photography in the years to come. With DSLR technology allowing us to capture photo and video so interchangeably, companies are going to want a full media package from artists and Corey gives some great insight into what it’s like to capture both on assignment. 5. Studio Lighting creative-live-blog-6 Zack Arias – the One Light man himself – put together this great class that was one of the first to be featured on creativeLIVE and is a great class for any photographer whether you want to learn the basics or just need a refresher on simple and fantastic lighting. These are just some of my favorite but there is a ton of material ranging from photography to business, software, design, video, audio, and just everyday lifestyle management. Check out this awesome site and never stop learning!
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  1. October 26th, 2016

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