A long, long time ago, we looked at and discussed creating a place where we could pursue our passions more and range out with our photography and artistic work. We talked about using the work in the likes of Joey L. and others, to try and pursue more commercial styled portrait gigs. But, mostly, we just wanted a place to share some of our more personal and interesting work. That was 3 ½ years ago… RVP_051213-27 After attending a workshop back in October which we talked about over on Ruddock Photography, we discussed how we wanted to rebrand and what we should do with this pursuit that didn’t fit our current business model? Shut it down and focus solely on Weddings? Try and tie it into our Ruddock Photography brand? Just blog about our off shoots every once in a while? Finally, I made up my mind and decided to drive my own pursuit with Ruddock Visuals. A brand solely dedicated to my [Payton] personal projects (assisted by my lovely wife, of course) and more commercial clients that we are pursuing and shooting more and more. I could not be more excited about the site, the brand, the launch, but most of all, the Idea. This movement for me is extremely liberating, exciting, personally fulfilling, and we’ll see where it goes. So, check out some of the projects I have planned, and in the works, and don’t miss anything by signing up for the Ruddock Visuals Newsletter below and following us via RSS by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the page. Check back soon for our recent shoot with Ironman Champion and Professional Ironman Athlete, Balazs Csoke (as well as some Behind The Scenes [BTS] stuff) coming soon!
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